Delta Name Change Policy

Have you made your reservation but with a mistake in the passenger’s name?  If it is so, then, don’t be anxious. There is nothing to stress about. Now, you may wonder why you should calm down in this hazardous situation. Thus, you are correct at your place because you are not aware of the Delta Airline Name Change Policy. Thus, this policy allows passengers to correct the name of the passenger if they mention that wrong during the booking.

By reading the guide in this blog you will become familiar with the policy and also implement the same with ease. However, the Delta Airlines Name Change Policy is not only useful when passengers make spelling mistakes. Apart from this, there may be multiple reasons like marriage events, sometimes passengers change his/her name legally. Where this name correction policy is very well capable of configuring all these scenarios.

Do you need to correct your name as soon as possible? If yes, then dial 1-833-714-2120. By calling this number, you will be able to talk to Delta’s officials for help. The servants are very frank and polite with their passengers, and they are top professionals in their field.

Type Of Changes That Delta Airlines Allows To Do

The name change policy of Delta Airlines does not allow you to alter the entire name of the passenger.  This allows only minor corrections in the name like small changes in the first, middle, and last name. Although, this section will make you aware of all the possible changes that the name correction policy allows to do.

  • Add middle name to the name of the passenger on the Delta flight ticket:

This is one of the easiest ways under the name correction policy of Delta. Passengers can easily add or update the middle name in so many ways. Likewise, online from the Manage booking page of the site, use the Android app, make phone calls, or text customer service. Although a middle name is not necessary to add the name on the flight ticket, it should match your governmental ID.

  • Modify the last name in case of marriage or divorce:

If you need to modify the last name on your reservation ticket after marriage then, you should have all the documents ready. The documents included for the same are the marriage certificate and also all the flight documents. Apart from this, in the case of divorce process will be the same but documents may differ. In this case, the passenger should have a divorce agreement, legal notice, and other governmental papers.

  • Correct the spelling mistakes of the name of your Delta flight ticket:

Once you realize that you entered the name of the passenger incorrectly, if you misspell the name, then be quick to correct it. Where name change ticket policy makes the process easy.

The name correction policy comes with rules and charges. However, charges are not applicable in every scenario. However, if you request a name change within 24 hours after the booking, then no charge will apply to your ticket. If you see the error after 24 hours of the booking, then you have to pay the charges. Although, paying an affordable amount is not a big deal. Thus, it is good to pay for the same so that your trip will not be ruined at the last moment.

Overview of Delta Name Change Policy

Delta Airlines is very well aware that entering a misspelled name is a very common mistake. This is the reason why Delta’s name-change policy comes into play. However, before start implementing the policy you should know about the below highlights.

  • In case of incorrect spelling of the name, you can freely correct it online using the same policy.
  • The name correction policy also allows passengers to correct the inverted name.
  • Delta Airlines understands the concerns of the passengers which is why it allows them to correct their first and last names. Additionally, it also allows to addition of a middle name as a necessity.
  • As a Delta passenger, you have to keep in mind that the airline permits only one reissue per ticket.
  • In terms of spelling mistakes, passenger can only change the three letters of their name.
  • The name change policy of Delta Airlines also allows to make changes in gender and date of birth of the passenger.

The process to implement the name correction policy of Delta Airlines

The passenger can correct the name on the flight ticket in various ways. That is from the official site, mobile app, phone call, and at the counter at the airport. Out of all the ways, the steps of implementation via a site and an app are similar. On the other hand, to process the policy via phone call, you need to dial 1-833-714-2120. Last but not least, if you visit the counter desk at the airport, then just keep all your flight documents with you, nothing more than that. Now, it’s time to discuss the steps to process the same on-site or through an app.

  • Firstly, head towards the website or an app to resolve your issue.
  • Access the “My Trip” section to visit the particular flight ticket. either, enter the flight confirmation number and the last name of the passenger to access the booking.
  • Click on “Name change” to proceed further.
  • This is the first and last time you have corrected the name. Tus, enter it correctly.
  • At the end, confirm your changes and also take a print of the same on making a payment if applicable.


Hope you like the guide and now you can deal with the same situation at your end. This blog covers all the informative details on Delta Airlines’ name change policy. Apart from this, if you are still not able to process the procedure then, dial 1-833-714-2120. This call will help you to get assistance from the customer service experts.

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