Alaska Name Change Policy

Do not cancel the whole reservation if you enter the incorrect name at the time of booking. As a passenger of Alaska, it does not suit you to cancel the reservation. Alaska is one of the major airlines in the United States of America, and it also provides a series of policies to its passengers. In the same way, Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy is here, which can help you correct the name.

Alaska Airlines is one of the most flexible airlines. This always acts as per the issues which may arise at the end of the passenger. Concerning the above headline, Alaska Airlines understands that entering a name incorrectly is very common. Thus, in this guide, you will learn about Alaska Airlines name change policy. Also, you will walk through the step-wise instructions and possible ways to implement them.

If you are getting late in implementing the name change policy of Alaska, then give me a call at 1-833-714-2120. By dialing this number, you will be able to talk with a live representative to get further assistance in the name correction process.

Brief Introduction of Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy

If you mention the wrong name of the passenger on your flight ticket, then don’t take this lightly. The reason is this will raise conflicts in your way as you move towards your journey. Thus, don’t take risks. Just correct the name as soon as possible.

Alaska Airlines facilitates its passengers with a name correction policy. Passengers can’t alter the complete name on the flight ticket; however, travelers can only correct spelling mistakes, which could be a mistake of a single character in a name. However, such things create a fear of trouble during the journey. Thus, it needs to remove the fear by correcting such errors in your ticket.

Additionally, Alaska Airlines has multiple policies to assist passengers in every scenario. Where with the help of such policies, Alaska makes things right without any hassle. The motive of this airline is to satisfy its customers. If you still think that this is just a common mistake and you are not going to correct it, then move further to learn about the conflicts. Thus, at check-in time, if the details of your boarding pass do not match the government-issued IDs,

Points you should consider before proceeding with the name correction policy:

It is always a good practice to research the policy that you are going to implement next. However, anyone can analyze the rules and guidelines of Alaska’s policies for free. It provides a crystal-clear idea about the various rules and restrictions under a particular policy. In the below segment, you can scan the pointers that you should recognize before encountering Alaska’s name change policy.

  • Alaska Airlines allows its passengers to correct their name for free under a name change policy. Additionally, it can be possible if passengers follow the guidelines of the same policy. Thus, correction in a name for free can be possible if passengers apply for a name change within the window panel of 24 hours of the booking.
  • If you forget to correct your name inside the window of 24 hours then, you have to pay the penalty on the same. In this way, you can only do one thing and that is to negotiate with the official to decrease the amount of charge. Although it is necessary for you to implement the same thus, you don’t have any other option. You have to pay the penalty at any cost.
  • If you legally change your name after booking a reservation and before departure. In that case, it will not count as an error; also, you need not change the name on your flight ticket.

However, keep in mind that in this case, you have to borrow your government-issued documents with you at boarding. This will prove that you have corrected your name, but you have still not received the new IDs from the government.

  • For smooth going of the process, you can carry the printout of DOTs fly right page. This will be helpful for you if airline authorities are unaware of the policies.
  • As a passenger of Alaska, you should keep in mind that the airline only allows the correct correction of typo errors. On the other hand, if there is a mistake in one or two letters,
  • If any travel agency is managing your flight then, you have to contact that travel company. There is no role for Alaska. You simply have to call the customer service experts of that company or follow their name change policy.

Several methods of name correct with Alaska Airlines

As you already know, Alaska does not limit itself to any scenario. Thus, it offers various approaches to implement the Name Change Policy. After reading this section, you will be able to choose the approach to implement the same as you are comfortable with. Let’s move on to more details.

1. Apply for Alaska Name Change Policy Online:

The online approach comprises more than two ways under this. However, the steps of implementation associated with both approaches are similar. Thus, to implement the same you are free to open the official website of Alaska or an Android application of the same. Now, you can start the implementation by walking through the below instructions.

  • First of all, you can open a website or an application of your own choice.
  • Login to your Alaska account on the same.
  • Then, access the details of your reservation.
  • In the same way, click on edit details and correct them accordingly.

2. Apply for the Alaska Name Change Policy in an offline mode:

Under this approach, you are free to connect with the customer service experts. Thus, dial 1-833-714-2120 or 1-800-252-7522, and don’t waste your time. However, a Name change requires some documents like a marriage certificate, court order, or other governmental IDs. Thus, before calling this number, you have to be ready with all the necessary documents.


This blog covers all the details of the Name Correction Policy of Alaska. , Thus, only after one reading of this blog, you will be able to correct the name on your ticket. This helps you to enjoy the hassle-free journey. Thus, apart from this, if you don’t have a solution to any of your problems then, feel free to call 1-833-714-2120 and get a guide on the same.

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