Lufthansa flight delay compensation

Lufthansa offers compensation in the case of Lufthansa flight delay or cancellation, which might lead to disruptions in the passengers’ travel plans. However, to get compensation, the flight delay should be significant and the reason for the delay should be the fault of the airlines. What comes next is the amount of compensation, which depends on the distance of the flight and how much time the flight has been delayed. Here, we have listed what flight compensation is available from Lufthansa Airlines. Based on this, passengers can easily apply for compensation and adjust for their losses due to these disruptions.

What is the Compensation Policy for the Lufthansa Airlines?

Compensation in airlines is the additional amount offered apart from the booking cost to the passengers in order to cover up for the losses or disruptions faced by the passengers due to the fault of the airlines. It can be either flight delay, cancellation, denied boarding, missing a connecting flight, or downgrading. All these circumstances of Lufthansa flight delay compensation policy have been discussed below:

  • Flight delay might lead to the airlines offering compensation to the passengers. That is possible only where there is a significant delay of minimum 3 three hours. How much delay will be considered as significant delay will depend on the flight itineraries. Particularly the flight distances i.e. less than 1500, between 1500-3500 or more than 3500 km.
  • Passenger in any case have been denied boarding after having a confirmed reservation will be offered a compensation. The amount of compensation, again,  will depend on the passenger’s flight itineraries i.e. distance of the flight.
  • Cancellation of the flight by the airlines can lead to the situation of compensation. However, compensation is not offered every time. Certain regulations are applicable, and the compensation amount relies on the flight itinerary.
  • Compensation is the right of the passengers in case of downgrading to a lower-class cabin. Under downgrading, a significant portion of the flight reservation amount is offered depending on the flight itineraries, such as travel class and the distance of the flight.

Exactly How Much is the Compensation Amount?

Compensation amount to be offered by the airlines relies on a number of factor related to the flight itineraries. Amount of compensation varies depending on why the flight has been cancelled in the first place.

Compensation Amount in Case of Significant Flight Delay

Eligibility of compensation relies on the distance of the flight and the hours of delay:

  • For a flight where the journey is more than 3500 km, the delay should be more than 4 hours in order to claim compensation.
  • In case, your flight journey is between 1500-3500 kms and has been delayed, then for compensation, delay should be at least 3 hours.
  • For less than 2 hours flight, compensation will be offered even if there has been a delay of at least 2 hours only.
  • Another things worth mentioning in case of compensation that it cannot be offered in the situation of extra-ordinary circumstance where airlines has no role to play in causing the flight delay or cancellation.

Along with the compensation, passengers will be offered meals and refreshments and hotel accommodation (if required).


Involuntary denial from boarding the aircraft can definitely disrupt the passenger’s plans. Thus, they have a right to claim compensation. A fixed compensation amount is offered by the Lufthansa depending on the distance of the flight. Details regarding which have been listed below:

  • A compensation amount of Euro 250 is offered in case a flight distance is less than 1500 km.
  • Euro 400 will be offered in case the flight is more than 1500 km or less than 3500 km.
  • For any flight more than 3500 kms distance where the passengers has been denied boarding, amount of Euro 600 will be offered.


Compensation in case of cancellation will be offered to the passenger. However, the exact amount will rely on the passenger’s flight itineraries. However, under the following situations, airlines have the right to deny the compensation in case they have informed the passenger of the cancellation at least 14 days prior to the flight departure.


Details regarding the amount in case of a downgrade have been listed below:

  • For the flight upto 1500 kms-compensation amount is 30% of the ticket price.
  • 50% of the ticket price will be offered if the flight is of the distance between 1500-3500.
  • In case you have a long-haul flight of more than 3500 kms and have been downgraded, compensation amount will be around 75% of the ticket.

How to Apply for Compensation?

You need to separately fill out the compensation form available on the official Lufthansa flight. Make sure you provide all the flight itinerary details based on which the airlines will screen the compensation request, and if approved, the amount might take around 15-25 days to get received in the passenger account.

Making it Short and Simple

Lufthansa offers compensation for cancellation, Lufthansa Flight Delay Compensation, downgrading, or denied boarding. Passengers need to fulfill certain parameters in order to be eligible for compensation. Requests for compensation need to be made online and not through the Lufthansa Helpline number. Once approved, it might take longer than usual for the compensation to get credited to the passenger’s account.

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