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Are you planning for a family vacation after a long time? However, travelers always have a curiosity of visiting a new place & enjoying unique vibes. Here, you can plan to fly to Japan with multiple options to enjoy, relax & discover several new ways to enjoy. Japan has always proved to be a perfect venue for several reasons, but when it comes to travel for a holiday, it offers a different kind of experience. However, it’s the 11th most populous city in the world. Moreover, you can also book Google Flights from Tampa to Japan at the lowest rates to enjoy your trip.

Here are the magnificent spots to visit in Japan:

  1. Mount Fuji:

You can kick start your Japan holiday by making your presence at the most impressive national landmark, Mount Fuji. However, it’s also the nation’s highest peak that towers upto 3,776. Apart from these, it’s also the most important attraction by UNESCO.

However, apart from its unbelievable views, it’s also a part of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park; millions of travellers climb this peak each summer. The main part is to enjoy the marvellous sunset from the top along with the other features.

  1. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park:

After Mount Fuji, your next visit should be to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. This place has witnessed the most horrific outcomes of the atomic bombing. Still, it also offers you the most amazing environment & helps you Explore the beauty of Japan during your vacation.

At present, the city has become a symbol of peace & there are over a million people who arrive here every year. Now, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park lies in the epicenter of the blast, where you can find several monuments and museums that showcase a glimpse of the historical period.

  1. Imperial Tokyo:

Certain locations in Japan offer you a green environment & such as the Imperial Palace. However, these are the beautiful parks from the 17th century that have high walls. It feels so relaxed while spending time at this place & apart from the jaw-dropping views; you can visit an East Higashi-Gyoen garden.

Moreover, the tourists can explore the other important areas that make this whole place much different from the others. You will always feel like you are in a different world. Well, if you have introduced yourself to the imperial palace, then head towards the Ginza shopping district.

  1. Historic Kyoto:

Welcome to Historic Kyoto, a most liked & wonderful location that you can’t miss to visit in Japan. However, to enjoy your trip to Kyoto, Japan, with great deals & several facilities, then book a seat on Google Flights Tampa a to Japan. It will be full of adventure & an unforgettable trip.

The Japanese city of Kyoto records over 10 million annual footfalls & the majority of vacationers arrive here to explore the streets & tempting architecture. Moreover, these are just a few things, but the main treasure is the Bamboo forest that is worth visiting & taking a walk.

It’s the most photographed location in Japan & offers a positive kind of vibe during the vacation.

  1. Nara:

For a long period, Japan has been the hub of an authentic culture & Nara consists of historic buildings, national treasures & works of art. There are several historic streets, but there are several historical temples.

However, travellers can also visit the seventh-century Kofuku-ji temple, which is best among the seven great temples of Nara. After the sunset, the overall views are unimaginable & worth capturing from your phone’s cameras. You can see trees & ponds that enhance the view.

  1. Chubu national park & Japanese park:

If you are looking for the best locations to explore the beauty of Japan during your vacation, then it’s time to visit the Chubu National Park, which lies in the center of Honshu. However, it’s also part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites that lie within the trees & mountains all around.

There are some of Japan’s highest peaks, including Hotaka, which is about 3 190 meters, along with Yari, about 3 180 meters. Usually, people explore these places in their dreams, but once you arrive in Japan, you can turn your dream into reality.

Moreover, there are multiple photography spots along with an impressive background under the blue sky.

  1. Osaka Castle:

Countless locations are worth visiting during your vacation in Japan. One of the most incredible treasures is an Osaka castle built in 1586 by a famous warrior & country politician. Once, it was the largest & the most important fortress in the country.

However, these are some of the most renowned locations that carry a unique appearance, colorful along with the flowers all around. You can also book a Google Flights Tampa to Japan that offers mind-blowing inflight services to your destination.

Now, let’s focus on the castle’s key elements, which include a five-story building with a 42-metre-tall main tower. However, the castle has several characteristics that define it in a different way than all the other attractions.

  1. Atsuta Shrine:

It is an important Shinto Shrine in Japan and is found in the heart of Nagoya, which receives more than 5 million footfalls each year. The main motive to plan a vacation is to enjoy a different world outside but in a different way.

You may have arrived in Japan several times, but it’s impossible to cover everything in one go. So, this is the best way to get to know about the other stunning locations that also showcase some part of the history.

The other interesting part of your visit is getting to know about the principal shrines of Hongu. However, you can find a wall around it & it also consists of several artworks, old & modern paintings, jewellery & various other things.

  1. Hokkaido:

This Hokkaido city is based on Japan’s northernmost island and is located at Sapporo, offers plenty of interesting options for the worldwide tourists. The other fact is it’s the largest city on the island that, is a hub of cultural activity and hosts events & great festivals.

It offers a very different kind of atmosphere that can change your mood. This place has a rich history, along with several museums, galleries & parks. Moreover, Japan as a country always tries to surprise worldwide visitors with its different styles & amazing cuisines.


Therefore, we have provided you with all the information about the different ways to enjoy your trip to Google Flights Tampa to Japan. So, pack your bags and book a trip to fly for a remarkable trip.

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