Best Places in Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the top destinations in the United States, and it might be on the bucket list of almost every traveler in the USA. From natural wonders to manufactured structures, the state of Atlanta has covered it all, preserving the history, culture, and natural significance of the state. All these places in Atlanta make it one of the most perfect destinations where someone spends their time, especially during Summer. But where to visit? With so many places to cover and limited vacations, it becomes impossible to decide where to visit. Thus, here we have listed some of the best places in Atlanta that you can choose to spend your summer vacation in.

Some of the Remarkable Places to Put onto your Travel List

Atlanta is a hub comprising manufactured structures, historical monuments, and museums. Along with that here you can enjoy the beauty of nature, explore wildlife and there is very much to do which you can put on your and make a trip a memorable one. Here, we listed some places that reflect the contributions made in the history of the United States of America.

Martin Luther King Jr. National Park

The museum built in memory of the Great Martin Luther King Jr. Is a must-visit for any person coming to Atlanta. Major places in this park are the boyhood home of the King Jr, the Ebenezer Church, and the grave of Martin Luther King. To visit these places, there is no need to pay any fee. Just get your ticket and enjoy your stay. Being one of the most famous places in not only Atlanta but also the USA, the place serves around 1 million visitors annually.

Atlanta History Centre

Atlanta has its own contribution in the Civil Rights Movement which in order to preserve, what started as the Atlanta Historical Society in the year 1926 has now become the Atlanta History Centre.

The history of the civil rights movement from its beginnings has been reflected in this history center.

Historical landmarks you can find within the Atlanta History Centre include:

  • Smith Farm
  • Swan House
  • World Family Cabin
  • The Victorian and the Lee Playhouses.

Some other places as part of the Atlanta History Centre’s permanent exhibitions include:

  • Cyclorama
  • Atlanta 96
  • Turning Point: The American Civil War
  • Gather round: Stories of Atlanta

and many others

The National Centre of Civil and Human Rights

Although established recently in 2014, the museum has reached its place to turn out to be one of the most visited in the state of Atlanta. Designed by the architect Philip Freelon, the museum is dedicated to the civil rights movement, which has its core within the state of Atlanta.

Centennial Olympic Park

Another public park located within the state of Atlanta serves more than a million visitors annually. The Centennial Olympic Park hosts dozens of events like Sweetwater 420 Fest, an Independence Day concert, a firework display, and many others. Apart from these events, many other significant points can serve as tourist attractions in the Centennial Olympic Park. This includes the Fountain of Rings, Gateway of Dreams, and SkyView Atlanta, making the Centennial Olympic Park the perfect place to visit in Atlanta.

Don’t Miss the Pemberton Place

The Pemberton Place is a complex located in the Luckie Marietta district of Atlanta, and it is a must-visit tourist point for the tourist. Named after the founder of the Coca-Cola company, a major contributor to the building of this complex, Pemberton Place comprises of many tourist attractions, including the Centennial Olympic Park also. Other focus points for the tourist while going through Pemberton Place include:

Georgia Aquarium

In case you are exploring the wildlife flora and fauna, this might be your point while you are on a tour in Atlanta. This public aquarium comprises seven major galleries. These galleries are home to more than a hundred diversified species, making this one of the biggest aquariums in the world, occupying the fourth place.

Some of the most notable species in this aquarium which you cannot find anywhere else includes whale Sharks, Beluga whales, California Sea lions, Manta rays, Tiger sharks and many others.

Georgia Aquarium is one of the most crowded tourist spots in Atlanta, and the ticket doesn’t cost that much. So nothing to lose instead of having a great time if you skip this place.

The world of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is one of the oldest soft-drink in the world. The history of the Coca-Cola company which is around more than 125 years old is something which might be interesting for many people to know. In case you are interested, then the world of Coca-Cola might be the place of your choice. The places is a museum which showcase the whole history of the company including every promotional poster used by them throughout the time.

Coca-Cola offers more than 100 beverages around the world, all of which you can enjoy one by one at the Coca-Cola World. Even you had a chance to make your own recipe and enjoy them. At the World of Coca-Cola, one of the best places to visit in the state of Atlanta, you can also witness the bottling process. The next point is 4-D theatre, followed by an amazing gift comprising items that cannot be found at any other place in the world.

It might cost a bit more to visit this museum of Coca-Cola, however, for a group comprising of around 25 people, a discount can be offered, and no ticket fee for the person in the armed forces.

Enjoy Nature and Wildlife At Atlanta

Botanical Garden

Next, followed by Pemberton Place, which you can put on your list, is the Botanical Garden. Located in Midtown, Atlanta, it is the most perfect spot for nature lovers themselves. The best time to visit here is between May and October, where July and August seem to be the perfect times. The botanical garden hosts weekly shows, classes, Orchid Daze, Tai-Chi and so many others. This is some place where you can spend a peaceful with your loved ones.

Popular spots to visit this place include Kendada Canopy Walk, Sheffield Botanical Library, and Edible Garden.

Atlanta Zoo

Last but not least, the next perfect spot to enjoy while you are going to Atlanta is the Zoo. Exploring wildlife is one such thing that might be on the list of every traveler. Not less than 1000 different animals are there in the Atlanta Zoo. Some of these are endangered and among the most rare species inhabiting the planet of Earth. These include giant pandas, among many others. Other species that can be located within the Atlantic Zoo from every corner of the globe include African elephants, giraffes, rhinos, and many others, making a total perfect visit to the Atlanta Zoo, such as the African safari.

Some endangered species that the Atlanta is trying to save from extinction includes Tree Top Trail, Norfolk Southern Zoo Train among many others. Atlanta Zoo is opened every day in the year with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Budget is another thing to watch while planning a Trip

Traveling might be exciting and can be a memorable one depending on the places you visit, what you do and with whom you are traveling with. While a solo trip can be made by anyone at any time and might be for your own personal peace, a trip is incomplete without friends. And with the group, making a trip is concerned with the budget.

The first thing to check out from the budget is the travel plans. In contrast to which, traveling by air is the most convenient way to reach Atlanta. Airline reservations can be expensive; some of the ways to save a few bucks on a reservation has been listed below:

Consider some of the airlines offering cheap and convenient travel, like United Reservations.

Make some early bookings to get the best prices on any booking.

Avoid any particular time of the year when the airfare are considerably high like new year, Christmas, or thanksgiving.

Consider Group Travel if there are more passengers.

Group Travel can be the best option when it comes to planning vacation or holiday. Many of the airlines like the United reservations offers cheap and convenient fare prices when it comes to group travel along with other amenities throughout the journey on the terms and conditions agreed by the passengers.

To book a Spirit Airlines Group Travel with the United, you can fill out the form on the official site or dial their helpline number.

Make the best out of your Trip to Atlanta.

A perfect trip requires three things, This includes a good company, convenient budget and a knowledge of Best Places in Atlanta which you can visit without wasting any much time. While the first is on you, second we have completed, for the third one consider some convenient and economic airlines like United reservation that along with travel offers other amenities like accommodation, transportation and many other depending on your preferences. Connect with United Reservations through their helpline number.

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