Places to Visit in Germany
Places to Visit in Germany

Whenever you think about an place to visit, Paris, London & New York usually come up. But what about Germany? Germany is equally exquisite in its own right, and when it comes to the big cities, Germany has many in its hold. In today’s guide, we have created a perfect day-to-day itinerary so you do not miss the Best Places to Visit in Germany.

Places You Cannot Miss in Germany


We are sure that you have heard about this city. Now, it is more famous due to its recognition during the famous Netflix series “Money Heist.” It happens to be one of the largest cities in Germany. However, it is mostly known for its arts, architecture, food, history, and, do not forget, the Nightlife. If you haven’t experienced the Nightlife in Germany, you haven’t experienced anything.


This beautiful place is well known for its museums and German architecture. It is a place to visit if you are someone who loves beverages. During the day, you can walk around some of the oldest towns in the city, such as Altstadt and the central Marienplatz. This is where you will find some of the best architectural landmarks. Also, if you are a Disney fan, remember to visit the Sleeping Beauty Castle (Neuschwanstein Castle).


Frankfurt is the place where finance lives. It is mainly popular for hosting international events and for its jaw-dropping skyscrapers. Apart from this, it is one of the most famous cities in Germany. While you are here, you can visit the famous museum of Anne Frank and pay tribute. Do you know you can visit Germany on the same day you decide? With the help of the Lufthansa Same Day Flight Change reservations, you can fly the same day.


Before we start, a fun fact about Hamburg is that it has more bridges than Amsterdam and Venice combined. Iconic, right? However, this beautiful city is known for its Nightlife, as this is where it all began with the Beatles. So, if you are a Beatles fan, visit this place and relive those memories. You can rely on Lufthansa reservations for cheap and instant flights to find the best flights that align with your schedule.


Attention all castle lovers! If you are a big-time castle lover, then you can visit Heidelberg, which is known to be a cute little college town. The main fact about this place is that it is popular for its architectural figures and historical details.

Frauenkirche Dresden

This is one of the best places you can visit during your trip. Do you know that Frauenkirche Dresden happens to be Europe’s most popular Baroque church? However, the church was demolished during World War II and rebuilt after the official reunification of Germany. The church’s dome provides panoramic views of the city. Visit this church; its exceptional architecture is worth the hype.


Cologne is a city that takes you back to ancient days. From the moment you step here, you will witness some of the most magnificent architectural structures you will ever see. The Cologne Cathedral is one of the iconic landmarks that truly does justice to Gothic architecture, and it is a sight that you must visit.

Want to take a look at the city from the top? Then, you can visit the Cologne Cathedral and find yourself besotted with magnificent church treasures and glass-stained windows.


If you are in Germany and visiting the river cruises right down the Rhine, you might come across the beautiful city of the Koblenz. Thereby, stop and visit the magnificent Deutsches Eck and German Corner.

Be ready for a lifetime of experience: witness the meeting of the Rhine and Mosel rivers. The crowd often overlooks this place, but we recommend it. Also, if the stars are in your favor, you can simultaneously enjoy a summer evening classical music concert. The best way to enjoy the great views of the German corner and the rivers is by taking the Koblenz cable car up to the fortress to enjoy the view. Book your Lufthansa reservations fast to witness the iconic landmarks of Germany.

Last Words

Germany is hands down the Best Places to Visit in Germany, especially if you are into architectural bonding. However, this place has much more to offer, as it has multiple cities to visit and cultural setbacks to experience. So, book your Lufthansa reservations and be ready for your next big trip.

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