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Do you want to book yourself on Lufthansa for Premium Economy class, or do you want to update your seat? But back off due to charges on the same? If so, then you need not worry about the budget because this does not have any charges. All you can do is do this without making any payment. This can only be possible under the Lufthansa seat selection Policy. This is Lufthansa’s policy, which allows you to select or upgrade your seat before departure. However, please consider this point: the free selection of seats requires you to follow some rules.

The Lufthansa Airline only assigns the premium economy class to passengers who are members of top-tier mile programs. This means that the airline does not pre-assign the premium economy seats to the passengers. The premium economy class is one of the travel classes that provides passengers with extra amenities. This class allows passengers to access the lounge area for free. When there is a discussion about the premium class, then let’s discuss its amenities and seat selection process in detail.

Do you urgently require the details of the Premium Economy class? If so, then connect with the customer servants where a phone call is the most suitable way to contact the representative.

Overview of Premium Economy Seat

One of the major benefits of Premium Economy Class on Lufthansa is the extra legroom area and the space in comparison with Economy Class. The seats under this class offer a pitch of 38 inches that is 18 – 19 inches wide with a recline of 8 inches. Such seats serve an armrest for in-flight beverages and a footrest area, which makes the in-flight naps more comfortable.

Perks and Amenities passengers can have in Premium Economy Travel class

Lufthansa Airlines offers spacious seats to passengers of premium economy class. Where it does not end here means some more perks and amenities will be waiting for you if your trip is pending. However, if you want to get familiar with all such amenities before starting a journey, then scan the below details.

  • The Lufthansa airline facilitates its in-flight passengers with 11 to 12 inches of screen as the source of entertainment.
  • When you start your trip, the airline will offer you a nonalcoholic welcome drink. Also, a bottle of mineral water is waiting at your seat.
  • As a premium economy class passenger, you will get your meals on very fine china tableware.
  • Also, airlines allow the passengers of Lufthansa to carry two bags, each weighing 50 pounds, not more than that.

Efficient seat selection in Premium Economy class

If you want to implement the Lufthansa seat selection policy to be a passenger of premium economy class, then there may only be two scenarios. One is you want to book, and another is to upgrade a seat. Thus, you will get a guide for all scenarios here in this segment. So, let’s start the discussion first from seat upgradation.

Steps of Seat Selection on Lufthansa

If your reservation belongs to Lufthansa, then this call is for you to have an efficient and smooth selection of seats. So, follow the steps below carefully so that you can enjoy your journey with the great perks and amenities of premium economy class.

  • Navigate the official site of Lufthansa first.
  • Then,  enter your login credentials to move further with the processing.
  • Enter your last name and confirmation code of your booking. In this way you will be able to find your booking in which you want to select seat.
  • In doing so, you will get the details of Lufthansa Airlines Ticket Booking.
  • At this stage, you have to click on the “Choose Seat” button available inside the details of your booking.
  • Select the seat of your choice from the seat map that appears on your screen.
  • Review the cost that applies to your travel ticket, if any.
  • Lastly, complete the payment process.

Seat Upgradation on Lufthansa Airlines

If you completed the Lufthansa Airlines Ticket Booking process earlier and now want to update your in-flight travel class, then Lufthansa will allow you to do so. Although it depends on your location, however, the airline facilitates you to upgrade your seat at any stage of your journey. This includes check-in, ticket counter, or any other similar one. The price for the same depends on your route.

When it comes to fee structure, it is all free when passengers want to upgrade to premium economy class. However, if you talk about general cases then it lies between $14 to $42 only for the standard seats. On the other hand, such charges are not specific all these depends on several factore. Where, the factors are distance, booking class, status and remaining time of departure.


This blog covers all the informative details on premium economy class so that you can choose this without doubting it. Thus, it also covers all the Lufthansa seat selection details so that you can  have a smooth processing. However, if you are unable to process anything regarding the same then, customer servants are 24/7 available for your help. Thus, dial the official number and get the solution to your problem.

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