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Spirit Airlines is one of the low-cost carriers that offers the best deals. Booking a flight with Spirit is quite straightforward. All you have to do is go to the main website of Spirit Airlines. Regarding seat selection, the best way to book your seats is either during reservation or by upgrading your seat online. However, there are opportunities when you can upgrade your seats from economy to premium or business class. It can happen while checking in, or you can ask at the ticket counter for a seat upgrade. This guide will explain everything one must know about the Spirit Airlines seat upgrade policy.

Guidelines of Spirit Airlines Seat Upgrade Policy

  • If you upgrade your seats within 24 hours before your scheduled departure, you do not have to pay extra money.
  • However, if you are at the airport, you can upgrade your seat at the check-in counter at least an hour before your departure.
  • The next option is to bid for an upgrade for your preferred seats. You can use the Gold or Silver membership and choose the big front or exit row seats.
  • Moreover, you can also request to upgrade your seats as soon as possible to get the best spirit flight deals & discounts.
  • During the flight upgrade option, you will not get extra advantages such as added meals or free checked baggage. However, you can still expect more spacious seats and extra legroom.

How Do I Upgrade Seats On Spirit Airlines?

(i) Contact Spirit Airlines Customer Service

According to the Spirit Airlines seat upgrade policy, a passenger can upgrade their flight using multiple modes, such as

  • Contact Spirit Airlines Reservation: If you want to upgrade your seats, the best option is to call the airline at its customer service number.
  • Speak to the Agent: While on the call, inform the agent about your departure location and travel dates.
  • Request For a Big Front Seat Upgrade: Ask the agent to upgrade your seat to the big front for more space and extra legroom.
  • Price & Seat Availability: Next thing you know, the agent will look for flights with big front seats, depending on your availability. Once the agent finds a similar one, they will let you know the price of each flight’s Spirit Airlines seat upgrade.
  • Provide Information: Once you have finished pricing, the next step is to enter your booking details, such as your booking number, confirmation number, and name.
  • Payment Options: After you complete the other steps, the agent will guide you through the payment options. However, you can choose any payment method.
  • Lastly, you will get a confirmation email regarding your upgraded seats.

(ii) Seat Upgrade Through Online Mode

Another way to upgrade from one class to another is by opting for the online method. Here, follow these below-listed steps;-

  • Navigate to Website: First, visit Spirit Airways’ main portal. Then, you can upgrade your seats by choosing the My Trips option.
  • Fill Out Information: The next step is to add your information, such as the booking number, confirmation number, and name.
  • Select Seats: After adding your information, you can easily choose your seats by navigating to the Add or Modify seat link. Make sure to mention your preferred seats.
  • Payment: Once you finish the seat, select the seats you want and pay for them using your preferred payment method.
  • Finally, you will receive all the details of your upgraded seats.

(iii) Seat Selection During Check-in

  • Official Website: Go to the main website and choose the check-in option from the homepage.
  • Enter Details: Fill in your details, such as booking number, confirmation number, name, and PNR name, and follow the on-screen steps.
  • Select Seats: The next step is to choose your preferred seats during check-in.
  • Payment Method: You can easily pay them to upgrade after choosing your seats.
  • Confirmation: In the end, you will get your boarding pass on your email ID.

How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade Seats?

The cost of a Spirit Airlines seat upgrade may differ depending on multiple aspects, such as your ticket type and when you purchased your flight. Here is the complete breakdown of the seating cost;-

  • Even More Seats usually costs between $30 to 50 dollars per person
  • As for the Big Front Seats, it will cost you around $15 to 30 dollars per person each way.
  • On the other hand, the Big Front Seats Plus will cost you between $50 to $75 (for each way).

Remember that last-minute seat upgrades can be expensive if the inventory is low. However, Spirit Airlines seat upgrade fees stay reasonable throughout the year, and last-minute changes may result in price differences.


To conclude, the seat upgrade procedure is quite straightforward; you only have to follow certain steps given in the article. Usually, travelers can upgrade their seats using various methods, such as online and offline methods. You must pay between $30 and $50 to upgrade your seat. For more information regarding Spirit Airlines flights, visit the official website or contact customer service.

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