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Any person who is hard of hearing can be traumatized by the fact. Hearing is one of the most indispensable senses of the human body, and in the absence of that, a person will undoubtedly feel incomplete. Hearing loss can immensely impact a person’s quality of life, impacting communication, social interactions, and comprehensive well-being. Cochlear implants have revolutionized how individuals with critical to complete hearing loss can regain their hearing capacities. Neubio, a pioneering provider of cochlear implants, goes beyond implantation to offer comprehensive aftercare services that play a crucial role in ensuring the long-term success of the implant and the continued well-being of the recipient.  

Why is Aftercare Service Significant for a Cochlear Implant Device? 

There is no denying the fact that a cochlear implant is a complex medical device. Even a couple of years back, people were completely alien to the presence of an implant. But now, more and more people are gaining awareness about it and planning to get it done. In fact, early intervention hearing loss is often prescribed for cochlear implants. After the initial implant surgery, it is essential to get the aftercare done properly. Reasons? Check below. 

  1. Adjustment Period: Post receiving a cochlear implant in India, recipients require time to get acquainted with the new sounds. Continuous backing and supervision during the adjustment phase are critical to maximize the benefits of the implant. 
  2. Device Maintenance: Cochlear implants are built with two parts: external and internal components. Regular attendance, like changing batteries, troubleshooting technical issues, and keeping the implant area clean, is essential for the device’s proper operations. 
  3. Auditory Training: As you gradually learn to apprehend and understand the process of sounds with a cochlear implant, you will require auditory training. Neubio’s aftercare services often include specialized training programs to help recipients upgrade their listening skills over time.
  4. Mapping and Programming: Cochlear implants are exceedingly personalized to fit each recipient’s unique hearing needs. Regular mapping and programming sessions with audiologists ensure that the implant settings remain optimal as the recipient’s hearing evolves.
  5. Monitoring Progress: Continuous monitoring allows audiologists to track the recipient’s progress, address any challenges, and make necessary adjustments to enhance the hearing experience.

Why Neubio Cochlear Implant’s Aftercare Service is the Best?

Neubio has gradually attained the position of a reputed cochlear implant because of its elevated features. A very highlighted factor that makes Neubio implant stand out is its outstanding aftercare service. Let’s take a dig at the same.  

  1. Audiologist Expertise: Neubio’s aftercare services are directed by skilled audiologists who specialize in cochlear implants. Our professionals are qualified to assess, program, and fine-tune the implant settings to ensure the best possible hearing consequences.
  2. Regular Check-Ups: Do you know what is the cornerstone of aftercare? It is a scheduled follow-up appointment. During these visits, audiologists examine the recipient’s hearing progress, address crises, and adjust the implant’s programming as needed.
  3. Auditory Rehabilitation: Neubio is renowned for offering exhaustive auditory rehabilitation programs focusing on sharpening listening skills, speech comprehension, and communication abilities. 
  4. Technical Support: Neubio offers technical assistance to address any issues with the implant or external devices. This ensures recipients can preserve the implant’s functionality and troubleshoot minor problems effectively.
  5. Educational Workshops: Neubio is one of those few implant manufacturers that organizes workshops and educational sessions for both recipients and their families. Our workshops constitute a multitude of sessions covering topics related to cochlear implants, care techniques, communication strategies, and the latest advancements.
  6. Remote Monitoring: In several instances, Neubio employs remote monitoring technology for examining the implant’s performance and creating programming adjustments without needing an in-person visit.
  7. Support Groups: Neubio proactively promotes support groups where recipients can unite with others who have undergone cochlear implantation. These groups deliver a platform to communicate experiences, exchange advice, and offer emotional support.
  8. Holistic Care: Recognizing that the journey to better hearing involves emotional and psychological aspects, Neubio’s aftercare services extend beyond technical aspects to address the holistic well-being of recipients.


Neubio’s cochlear implant aftercare services exemplify the organization’s commitment to ensuring the long-term success of recipients. By offering comprehensive support, technical assistance, auditory training, and personalized adjustments, Neubio goes beyond the initial implantation to facilitate a transformative journey toward improved hearing and enhanced quality of life. The combination of expert audiologists, innovative technology, and a holistic approach makes Neubio’s aftercare services an essential component of the cochlear implant experience, solidifying the company’s reputation as a leader in the field of hearing restoration.

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