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In the realm of auditory innovation, Neubio has truly stood out for its impeccable cochlear implant device. This implant emerges as a groundbreaking progress that stands apart from its competitors, redefining the landscape of hearing restoration. With its cutting-edge features and technological prowess, the Neubio Cochlear Implant offers a unique and comprehensive solution for individuals with hearing impairments. This article delves into the distinctive features that set the Neubio Cochlear Implant apart from its competitors, highlighting how it transforms the lives of those seeking to regain the gift of sound. 

List of Distinctive Features of Neubio Cochlear Implant

  1. Thinnest Electrodes: One of the prime factors determining the success of a Neubio cochlear implant is its thinnest electrodes. This implant is noted for its 12 electrodes, and Neubio’s internal receiving unit doesn’t constitute any trace of electronic parts. As a result, this is one of the most sleek and compact implants on the market. The thinnest electrodes function by conserving the remaining hearing of the patient. 
  2. Frequency Spectrum Modulator (FSM): Neubio’s unique Frequency Spectrum Modulator (FSM) draws sound from ClearSound and transforms it into a premium resolution analogue signal. This then offers a carrier wave for delivering the sound to the implant coil in a near-constant stream, leading to a higher-fidelity signal than standard pulsatile stimulation. 
  3. Safety and Security: Neubio’s cochlear implant has attained even more attention due to the thinnest and tiniest implant available in the market. As a result, surgeons take comparatively less time to conduct the surgical procedure and also reduce the time that the patient spends under anaesthesia. 
  4. Full-Spectrum Sound: Neubio’s implant offers virtually continuous central stimulation for full-spectrum audio. While most implants offer localized stimulation to particular areas of the basilar membrane, Neubio delivers the complete frequency through the electrode array and enables the neural ganglia to encode the information for further processing in the brain automatically. 

Neubio always recommends parents get their child checked for early intervention hearing loss. The brand has even been associated with some of the top-notch doctors and hospitals for seamless implant surgery. Not only does the brand offer progressive features, but also prioritizes patients’ health. Hardly any competitor in the Indian market offers such lucrative medical features.

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