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There are numerous ways to make your trip more amazing with any airline while flying to other destinations. However, the Air Canada Seat Selection process helps you get your desired seats much easier. Often passengers need more convincing about their seats available.

Besides a wonderful air trip, Air Canada also provides you with the best inflight services. However, travelers can enjoy AVOD, which refers to audio video on demand, followed by other facilities.

Moreover, boarding a flight here is no less than enjoying your dream trip.

How can I make a seat selection with Air Canada?

There are some points below that can help you in the best ways:

  • Visit the official website of Air Canada.
  • However, after you log in to the account, look for the manage booking
  • You must enter your last name and flight ticket number here on the screen.
  • Now, tab on the seat selection on the manage my booking
  • Afterward, you can view the seats according to the other class & categories.
  • On the other side, make the seat selection as per the budget & your preference.
  • After all, this, move toward the payment page to complete the seat selection
    In the end, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

How much do you need to pay for the seat selection with the airlines?

If you don’t know about the Air Canada seat selection fee, then below are the steps:

  • The basic seats can include an economy & the domestic flight selection fee is between $20-100. 
  • However, the international flight seat selection fee is between $30-100.
  • The standard seats will cost about $10-50 on domestic flights. Moreover, on international flights, the fee will be $20-50
  • Although the preferred seats from anywhere are between $17-299.

Apart from these, you can dial the official number & get to know about the Air Canada Seat Selection Terms and Conditions. It’ll help you to get through all the parameters.

How can I get the desired seats without any cost with Air Canada?

If travelers wish to book the best seats for themselves without charges, they need to choose the seats within 24 hrs of the scheduled flight departure. However, you need to follow the necessary process & get the seats.

What are the different types of seats you can book with Air Canada?

There are different seat selection options available with the airline & below are the options:

  1. Economy seats:
    For limited-budget flyers, these are the best options & it does not only save your pocket but also offer different services.
  2. Preferred seats:
    Although, several other things can be beneficial for you. They provide extra legroom and other things at many reasonable prices. Moreover, you can book them during the flight booking or after that.
  3. Premium economy seats:
    You can also try for the Premium economy seats close to the Business cabin. The best thing is they offer more advanced features like extra legroom and reclined seats.
    Moreover, you can also look for an Air Canada Travel Voucher & book your flights at the minimum fares.
  4. Business Class:
    These are the most expensive & first-class seats available with Air Canada. Here, you are provided with the best services that can enhance your whole trip like flatbed seats along with amazing meals. However, it’ll be a great & unbelievable flying experience.

Therefore we have provided you with all the respective information about the seat selection with Air Canada.

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