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Vacation is a medium that helps to explore your life within different cultures, activities, atmospheres & clothes. If you are seeking a different kind of destination & wish to get exposed or try something new or unusual, then plan a trip to Argentina.

Moreover, from deserts to unforgettable ocean views, this place offers a great vacation experience. Now, flying to Argentina via American Airlines offers affordable flights, vacation packages & other services. However, with the help of an American Airlines Seat Selection online, get your preferred seats in your desired class & travel with comfort.

Here is a list of the Best Destinations Trip to Argentina

1. Iguazu Falls:

You can start your trip to Argentina from the most stunning & gorgeous Iguazu Falls. It’s really a dream destination to explore & enjoy with your family and friends. However, you can find it between the Argentina & Brazil Border, which is considered a UNESCO World Heritage.

It’s unfair to watch it from far away, so what’s the worth of arriving here to offer you an unbelievable experience to get a closer view via walkaways & other viewing platforms? Forget everything & enjoy these views, it feels so refreshing & you will also learn about why you should arrive in Argentina.

2. Perito Moreno Glacier:

Are you spending your holiday in Argentina for the first time? Then you can not miss exploring the famous tourist spot as the Perito Glacier. It’s among the UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Patagonia Los Glacier National Park. However, it’s a small town of EL Calafate.

It’s also among the 10 BEST Places to Visit in Argentina and offers a hub of marvelous accommodations followed by other services. The key attraction here is the famous & beautiful glaciers in the park & to be more specific, enjoy the live views of Perito Glacier.

However, it covers around 30 kms space & is also the world’s third-largest freshwater reserve.

3. Recoleta, La Boca, and Tango:

Welcome to one of South America’s most attractive cities, which is also the largest. Bruno Aries is the start of the most famous attractions while touring Argentina during your holidays. Well, it’s famous among sports fans & serves as a home for the world-renowned soccer club Boca Juniors.

There are plenty of things to explore, such as museums & art galleries and old colonial buildings; you can not afford to miss visiting LA Boca, which is the most colorful neighborhood & also home to the Caminito Street Museum.

4. Tierra del Fuego Park:

Argentina is a hub of massive hidden treasures & one of them is the 1,56,000-acre Tierra del Fuego National Park. Moreover, booking a trip to Argentina via American Airlines offers the cheapest trips, quick refunds, cancellations & more. Apart from that, American Airlines Seat Selection allows you to book the best seats online or offline or ask for assistance via live chat.

If you are a hiker or hiking enthusiast, then it’s heaven with numerous trails for different experience levels. If you wish to engage in some nature photography, then it’s also the best place to explore & enjoy the environment.

5. Ushuaia: End of the world:

The list of the top spots in Argentina isn’t finished yet, as the other place is Ushuaia. Now, you may wonder why it’s called the End of the World because it’s located at the Southernmost tip of South America. However, Patagonia is famous for its attractive landscapes.

It’s a long stretch of the plains & plateaus; most adventure activities start in Ushuaia. The city started as a penal colony in the early 20th century & at present, it’s the famous jumping-off point for trips to Antarctica. The tourists enjoy an amazing boat ride & enjoy an overall view.

6. Mendoza:

Mendoza is the most beautiful location in Argentina, which is more unique & filled with an incredible Art Deco. This city is famous for outdoor enthusiasts during the winter & summer. What can anyone expect while exploring a different kind of place? These are attractions, environment & best-staying options.

It’s among the BEST Places to Visit in Argentina that makes you feel more special. During the winters, skiers from across South America can experience some of the Andes’s best ski slopes at the famous resorts of Las Lenas.

During Summer, the same area is famous among the hikers & climbers.

7. Históric Córdoba Cathedral:

In central Argentina, it’s a five-hour drive from Buenos Aires & Cordoba is the second largest city. However, it is often used as a stopover during trips into the Andes. The majority of the city’s old buildings date back to the early colonial period.

Tourists can also try to explore the city’s historical center around the Plaza San Martin, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. You can stroll around the other areas that help you learn more about the city.

8. Beaches of Mar Del Plata:

If you are bored with the above locations & wish to visit a different type of an area, then make a trip to the beaches at the Mar Del Plata. Now, if you wish to fly to Argentina at reasonable fares, then America Airlines offers affordable services & cheapest flights.

Moreover, an American Airlines Seat Selection is a way to get your desired seats via different methods & enjoy your trip in comfort.

9. Cafayate:

The other renowned location to explore in Argentina is Cafayate which is a small town comprising more than 1200 residents. This town includes numerous attractions, including an archaeological museum that features artifacts prepared by the locals.

If you have visited the museum, then make your way to its famous attractions such as the Red Rock formations at quebrada that offers with the views of the most scenic drives in South America. These are among the most incredible treasures to explore for the worldwide tourists.
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Therefore, you can read the above details about the best locations to visit in Argentina. However, there are plenty of other attractions that are worth exploring & get to know more about the country.

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