Best Time to Visit ManaliBest Time to Visit Manali

The first picture that crosses our minds when we hear Manali is a snow-covered valley. It’s what we have always heard and seen in movies. However, Manali is not covered in snow the entire year. Hence, if you want to witness snow on your trip to Manali, you need to plan accordingly. So, what’s the best time to visit Manali when you can witness snow in Manali? 

Best Time to Visit Manali

Don’t worry, we’ll give you the best times that you can plan your visit to Manali when there are high chances of finding snow or witnessing snowfall in Manali. From our experience, Manali snowfall is best experienced between the months of December and February, when the temperature of the region hovers around subzero.

Snowfall in Manali would probably be the best thing you would experience in your life. Soft and cold cotton balls land calmly on your face giving you a feel of a new life. It’s a beautiful feeling that will stay with you for a lifetime. 

Moreover, you won’t get bored in Manali anyway, as there are several adventure activities in Manali that can be enjoyed in the snow only, such as skiing, zorbing, and snow biking. It’s the time when Manali becomes one of the coldest places in India and a paradise for every snow lover.

Manali’s Weather and Climate Change

Manali’s weather is a significant reason why tourists even their trip to Manali the entire year, even if they are not heading to Manali for just snowfall. The region has a pleasant temperature throughout the year, and you’ll have a good time irrespective of when you visit. However, during the months of July to September, Manali receives heavy monsoon rains, which often lead to accidental landslides. 

Well, mostly, it’s up to your luck! You can find snowfall when it is least expected, even by the locals, and you won’t find anything even on the roads during the peak season. Climate change has also been a crucial factor in the drastic environmental fluctuations in hilly areas, and Manali is no exception. 

At the time of writing this column, we are approaching the end of April, and believe me, it is still snowing at the Atal Tunnel in Manali! Can you believe it? When most parts of the country are suffering from the scorching heat and the onset of a red-hot summer season, Manali is covered in snow and chill temperatures.  

Best Place to Stay in Manali 

Who knows, it could still snow in Manali in May? If you are recently married, plan a Manali tour package in the month of May with Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts, and enjoy really romantic weather that suits perfectly for your honeymoon trip. 

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