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As everyone wants to have smooth journeys thus, this is the first rule for the air corporation to keep in touch with the customer servants. That’s why Lufthansa facilitates its passengers in multiple ways. Although this blog will give you all the relevant details on “How do I get a response from Lufthansa Airlines.” This will be helpful if you need any assistance during your trip. Thus, you can relax because the customer service team at Lufthansa is very fine and professional.

Whether you need assistance before, after, or during booking is not a subject of concern. Although customer service is available 24/7 for your help, you are free to talk with them using any available approach. Concerning the headline of the blog, here are some ways to get a response from the live person of Lufthansa Airlines. Thus, the ways are Phone, Email, Social Media, Live Chat, WhatsApp, Helpcenter, etc.

If your trip is going on and you need to contact the customer service experts of Lufthansa Airlines, then dial the number. Where it is a phone call approach, the most instant and quick way to do the same.

How you can solve your problem with the help of a live person?

For instant assistance, you can call Lufthansa Airlines customer service. The professionals of Lufthansa are proficient in multiple languages. This helps them to address the passengers all over the world. Alternatively, there is a live chat option on the website homepage if you want to try it. Apart from this, if you need a quick classification on an urgent basis, then you would prefer written communication. On the other hand, for non-urgent scenarios, write down an email to the airline using official mail.

As you know now, there are various ways to connect with customer service experts to get a response from Lufthansa. Although, in this section, you will get a deep guide on every approach. Regardless of the method you choose to connect with Lufthansa, service experts are good enough to solve any of your issues.

Tips to get a faster response from Lufthansa Airlines:

The airline offers multiple ways to connect with the live person of Lufthansa. However, some ways are very well capable of responding in a very short period. Additionally, if you follow the tips below, you will get a response more quickly. Thus, if something is very urgent at your end, then, consider the below tricks and move further.

  • Be ready with the details:

To prepare anything for a smooth ongoing process, you have to consider all the prerequisites. Similarly, concerning talking to a live person, you have to be ready with all the information that the airline agent may ask for. This includes the booking and flight details.

  • Be Specific:

You have to clearly describe your query or question to the customer servant. In other words, the more concise and accurate you are about your issue, the faster you will get a response.

  • Follow up on time:

It is very rare in the case of Lufthansa to lag behind time. However, if the airline does not respond to your query within the expected time, then you can follow up using the same method or a different method.

Try any of the alternative approaches to connect with the professionals of Lufthansa Airlines:

In this section, you will learn all the ways to reach out to Lufthansa’s customer care service. Keep aside the category of your issue because experts at Lufthansa Airlines can help you in any scenario or with any kind of issue relevant to your trip. Let’s choose the way to communicate with Lufthansa’s customer service regarding the urgency of your issue.

  • Online Contact form:

All the contact details are available on the official website of Lufthansa Airlines. However, here is a deep guide for you so that you do not need to scan all the ways separately from the site. Thus, this is a section that wants to inform you that Lufthansa offers a form through which passengers contact the airline. You can visit the site to create a communication link with the customer service agents. Follow the instructions below to proceed with the same approach.

  • Visit the official site first and then, navigate the Help & contact section at the homepage of the same website.
  • Then, you have to choose the category of your issue, that is, Lufthansa booking a flight, refund or manage booking, etc.
  • Then, the above action will redirect you to the form where you have to enter all the details.
  • At the end, submit the form and wait for further response.
  • Telephone:

If you have an urgent issue at your end then a phone call is the best and instant option for you. Thus, if your problem or query matches with this scenario, then, follow the below steps.

  • Firstly, find the phone number for your country from Lufthansa’s contact list.
  • Now, don’t hesitate to dial the same number and after dialing the same follow the voice prompts which you are able to hear on a phone call.
  • However, make sure that you have all the booking and flight details with you.
  • Email:

For issues that are not urgent or less urgent, you can communicate with the airline via mail. So, let’s start the process from the very first step to find the official mail from the contact section of the website. Then, follow the below instructions.

  • Tap on the “Compose” button to write a mail to the air carrier.
  • However, don’t forget to enter the booking reference number and other flight details for your travel. Additionally, you can enter other information relevant to your issue.
  • At the end, click on the “send” button and wait for the revert. However, it will take time to respond.
  • Social Media Platforms:

Assuming that you are aware now that the customer service of Lufthansa serves their passengers 24/7. You will be happy to know that the Lufthansa Airline is active on several social media platforms. The reason behind this is the belief that nowadays, social media plays a crucial role in connecting people worldwide. Thus, this helps the airline to build connections with their passengers across the world. The major platforms that the airline handles the most are Twitter and Facebook. Thus, if you want to seek assistance on social media, then consider the above details and follow the below steps.

  • First, navigate the airline’s official social media accounts.
  • Then, message them directly with all the necessary details and send the message.
  • The response time, in this case, is quite fast, even within a few hours. However, sometimes, this can vary because of any complexity.


Hopefully, after scanning this blog, you will be very well aware of all the channels through which you can connect with customer service. This blog covers all the necessary information with you. If the above ways are not helpful for you, then the other option you have is to visit the service counter of the nearby airport around you. Apart from this, if this blog is not up to you and also not able to answer your relevant queries, then dial the speak to lufthasa customer service number.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can someone talk to Lufthansa Airlines?

The Lufthansa Airline offers so many ways to talk to its customer servants. Where, the available options to connect with are email, phone calls, online, and social media. However, if you want an instant solution, then connect with them via phone call.

How long does Lufthansa take to respond to the queries of its passengers?

The response time of Lufthansa depends on the way you choose to communicate with the airline. For instance, if you choose social media, then you will get the response in just a few hours. However, in case of a phone call, you will get an immediate response.

What action should you take if the airline does not respond to your query?

If the airline does not respond to your query in a specific period, then try to connect with them again. If you are not able to connect and it has been a long time since you sent your query to the airline, then the option you have is to send the claim. Thus, you are free to send a claim to the customer service department. In this way, Air Corporation will prioritize your problem and try to solve it as soon as possible.

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